Magic: The Gathering Goes Clue in Murders at Karlov Manor Set

The Game’s Afoot 

A murder mystery awaits in the plane of guilds. Set amidst the backdrop of one of Magic’s most iconic planes, new and old characters rear their heads. Prepare for a sneak peek. Prepare to return to Ravnica. Today, Wizards of the Coast granted an early look at Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming new set, Murders at Karlov Manor, in a new video. Releasing on February 9th, 2024 the set is focusing on Alquist Proft, Ravnica’s greatest detective, the set follows various characters as they solve a cold-blooded murder in a darker Ravnica. Of course, a first look video delves into the themes, cards, and plot that makes the set special. 

Magic-The-Gathering Murders At Karlov Manor

Magic: The Gathering- Murders at Karlov Manor centers around themes of investigation and mystery. Interestingly, players can expect cards reminiscent of Clue to appear in the set. For instance, land cards that are rooms instead of land. Additionally, the set will introduce clue tokens and various new mechanics to make a sleuth deck crack the case. However, it wouldn’t be a murder mystery without the murder. Of course, the set is not afraid to add a little brutality. It is set in Ravnica after all. Artifact cards whose designs feel a little more mystery-esque, such as a lead pipe, will be making an appearance in the set. 

Obviously, the creatures are a big draw of this set. Detectives, investigators, seedy guild members, and cold-blooded killers will all have their place. Really, it depends on how you would like to play. Check out the first look trailer below for a look at some of the cards that will be coming to Magic: The Gathering- Murders at Karlov Manor. 

Magic: The Gathering- Murders at Karlov Manor is releasing on February 9th, 2024. More information is available here. Additionally, you can join in the mystery as Thirteen “Mystery Files” puzzles draw fans in on a webpage starting the 9th of February, 2024.