A Highland Song Crosses Scotland on PC & Switch Today

A Highland Platformer 

Have you ever wanted to go to Scotland? What about if you had to try and survive a week as you journeyed across the highlands to meet your uncle? Now, you can. Today, developer Inkle is happy to announce the release of their survival platformer, A Highland Song, to PC and Nintendo Switch. Introducing players to the Scottish highlands, the game allows players to become a woman on the run. With a letter from her uncle, she is crossing the highlands in a week and arriving at a lighthouse in Beltane. Of course, this journey won’t be easy. A new release trailer provides gamers with a look at the adventure that awaits them. 

A Highland Song

A Highland Song invites players on an adventure across a beautiful and unforgiving landscape. Playing as the game’s protagonist, Moira McKinnon, players will embark on a journey full of discovery, rhythm and narrative all tied to Scotland. Importantly, the game allows players to platform their way through the highlands. However, it is important to keep in mind that the landscape, while beautiful, is harsh. Moira can succumb to the elements. As such, it is notable that wind, rain, and cold, mean death. Players will need to combine sheltering and survival with platforming in order to survive the week long trek to Beltane. Of course, as players explore they will discover key stories, memories, and more. 

Importantly, players can get a glimpse of A Highland Song in the new release trailer. In addition to the gameplay, the trailer also provides players with a taste of the music of the game as well as the art style. Check out the trailer below. 

A Highland Song is out now on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch