Contra: Operation Galuga Only on Digital on Switch

Disappointment Strikes as Konami Chooses Download Code Over Cartridge for Boxed Copies, Leaving Physical Enthusiasts and Switch Collectors Frustrated”

Physical edition enthusiasts and Nintendo Switch collectors are in for a disappointment with Konami’s upcoming release, Contra: Operation Galuga, developed by WayForward Technologies. Recent revelations from an Amazon UK listing confirm that the boxed copies of the game will include a download code rather than the anticipated cartridge.

This unexpected move is likely to frustrate Contra fans and collectors alike, raising questions about Konami’s decision-making regarding physical releases. The absence of a physical cartridge suggests a potential cost-cutting measure, implying that Konami may not be willing to invest the necessary funds to produce the game on a dedicated cartridge. While the exact size of Operation Galuga remains unknown, speculations arise considering the limitations of a download-only physical edition.

Konami has a track record of such decisions, as seen with the recent Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 release on Switch. Despite offering a physical cartridge, the collection only included Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and bonus NES games, requiring users to download the three main Metal Gear Solid games separately. This approach left some buyers unsatisfied, especially those drawn to the collection for the acclaimed Metal Gear Solid titles. The Contra fanbase argues that Konami’s decision is lacking in logic due to the series being primarily people that grew up with the games, and thus were used, and often, preferred getting physical copies.

The disappointing news of Contra: Operation Galuga’s digital-only physical edition is somewhat tempered by the positive reception of the game itself. A recent trailer unveiled by Konami showcases direct gameplay footage, introducing characters like Lucia, Ariana, and Probotector. Despite the setback for physical collectors, the game’s impressive visuals and gameplay footage suggest an exciting experience for fans of the Contra series.