Atari 50 Gets New Titles

Digital Eclipse Adds a Dozen Titles, Including Official Releases, Unreleased Prototypes, and Homebrews, Elevating Atari 50’s Comprehensive Game Library

Digital Eclipse’s Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, which debuted in 2022 with over 100 games spanning Atari’s rich history, has recently received its first major update. The developer has incorporated 12 new titles, featuring official releases, unreleased prototypes, and intriguing homebrew creations. While this addition may not sway those already skeptical of vintage gaming experiences, it presents a treasure trove for dedicated fans seeking hidden gems.

This update, however, lacks the contextual background provided by the main game’s interactive timeline. The 12 new games seamlessly integrate into the existing lineup, leaving players to explore them independently. To aid those who may have missed these valuable additions, we’ll briefly delve into each new title.


Adventure II (2005, Homebrew) – Atari 2600

A sequel to the iconic Adventure, Adventure II by Curt Vendel retains the charm of the original with a larger and more intricate world. Despite lacking multiple game variations, it captures the essence of its predecessor and is a worthwhile addition for fans.

Aquaventure (1983, Prototype) – 2600

Originally victimized by the 1983 video game crash, Aquaventure resurfaced in 2022. This underwater treasure-hunting game showcases visually pleasing sea creatures and engaging gameplay, making it a standout addition.

Bowling (1979) – 2600

Designed by Larry Kaplan, the co-founder of Activision, Bowling offers a surprisingly satisfying experience with the added twist of steering the ball. With support for two players, it nostalgically recreates the social gaming appeal.

Circus Atari (1980) – 2600

Drawing inspiration from Breakout, Circus Atari combines bouncing clowns with balloon-popping, offering a variation for those seeking a different challenge from the classic Breakout experience. Touchscreen support adds a modern touch.

Double Dunk (1989) – 2600

As a sequel to Basketball, Double Dunk introduces visual improvements and gameplay depth. Released in 1989, it provides a more refined experience for basketball enthusiasts, although newcomers may find the learning curve steep.

Maze Craze (1980) – 2600

Maze Craze, designed for two players, adds a humorous twist to maze navigation. With variations covering partially or fully covered mazes, it introduces a delightful competitive element, bringing laughter and unpredictability.

Miniature Golf (1979) – 2600

Miniature Golf on the Atari 2600 offers a delightful and somewhat frustrating rendition of the classic family game. Limited power in shots necessitates creative aiming, providing a unique gaming experience.

MotoRodeo (1990) – 2600

Developed by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, MotoRodeo offers engaging two-player gameplay. With flips, obstacles, and AI opponents, it delivers enjoyable moments, especially in multiplayer mode.

Save Mary (1990, Prototype) – 2600

A creation of Tod Frye, Save Mary remained unpublished until 2005. It challenges players to rescue Mary by strategically dropping platforms, combining slow-paced gameplay with satisfying solutions.

Super Football (1988) – 2600

Super Football, despite appearing daunting to newcomers, showcases the 2600’s capabilities more than a decade after its launch. Smooth animations and depth cater to football enthusiasts, offering an impressive sports gaming experience.

Return to Haunted House (2005, Homebrew) – 2600

A sequel to Haunted House, Return to Haunted House preserves the adventure style with new challenges. With devious ghosts and intricate passageways, it stands as a worthy successor to its iconic predecessor.

Warbirds (1991) – Lynx

The only non-2600 title, Warbirds for the Atari Lynx leverages the first-person perspective effectively. While quaint by today’s standards, its customization options and engaging gameplay make it a delightful addition.

Incorporating these diverse titles, Digital Eclipse continues to enhance the Atari 50 Anniversary Celebration, ensuring that fans can explore and appreciate the breadth of Atari’s gaming legacy.