qomp2 Review – A Modern Twist on a Classic

qomp2 Review

Qomp embraced the strange notion of “What if the ball in Pong broke free?” and fully explored its possibilities. Although a peculiar concept, this led to a wonderful puzzler that now returns for a larger adventure in qomp2 but will the sequel manage to uphold the same level of innovation and captivation as its predecessor?

In a world where games are becoming increasingly complex with numerous aspects crammed in, it’s refreshing to experience a game that simplifies things to concentrate on a clear concept. Qomp2 knows exactly what it is and executes it expertly.

As you break from the confines of the paddles, you delve into a range of puzzles that require you to visualize angles to clear hazardous areas. With one button to rotate 45 degrees left or right and another button to dash, the game is simple to pick up and play. Your task across the 30 levels remains the same, get from A to B but how you do so is what makes this so addictive. Each world introduces and develops new mechanics, steadily ramping up the difficulty as you progress. Because of this, you can familiarize yourself with new techniques before facing the challenge of integrating them with other aspects.

There’s a surprising amount of variety for a game that is based on Pong. Not only do the levels grow more complex requiring you to backtrack to solve a multitude of puzzles to progress down a certain route but there are also Bosses. Each world culminates with an engaging encounter that requires you to defeat a large enemy. All four bosses are unique which makes for a memorable battle. In addition to this, there are also chase segments and other interesting twists on the formula which will keep you hooked throughout.

Bouncing Between Innovation and Angles

Although the game is quite short and can be completed within 3 to 4 hours, there are other aspects that help increase your playtime. You can revisit levels to attain a collectible. These are often quite difficult to acquire and require adept skills. While you will definitely die trying to grab these items, this is never an annoyance due to the instant respawning and generous checkpoints dotted throughout the levels. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to do once you complete the game. Community creations or speed run challenges would have been a great addition but alas, these are not included.

The minimalist design creates an ambiance that complements your journey through the labyrinth. While the design is simple, Graphite Lab uses this to its advantage. At points, the camera zooms in to highlight the restricted areas but will then zoom out to enhance the enormity of some environments. In addition to this, the retro presentation is further amplified through the use of a fish eye lens. This manages to create the feeling of playing on a CRT monitor, however, you can remove this if it’s a distraction. One element of the design that didn’t sit well with me was the inclusion of a camera shake when colliding with a barrier. As you are constantly hitting the sides, this becomes quite irritable so I recommend turning this off.

Slick Design and Chilled Out Vibes

Even though you will die and frustration may ensue as you struggle to get the correct angles, qomp2 is still a relaxing experience and this is partly due to the soundtrack. The chilled beats and subtle sounds help to create a comfortable atmosphere that will keep you immersed and eager to tackle the next level.

Everything runs smoothly which is vital for a game that requires you to quickly react. The only issue I did encounter was a small bug that occurs every time you continue your game. At the start, each quest you have completed will pop up as if it has just happened. Although likely to be patched, it is still a small annoyance.

Qomp2 is a wonderful puzzler that is packed with innovation. It’s a refreshing twist on a beloved classic and serves up unexpected elements from start to finish. With bosses, switches and much more, this game of patience and skills is a blast. While it’s only a short ride and lacks real replay value, each bounce is a joy due to its sleek design and intuitive gameplay. I truly hope that this sparks a new wave of spiritual sequels, rejuvenating iconic Atari titles, much like what this game accomplishes for Pong.

*** A PlayStation 5 key provided by the publisher ***

The Good

  • New Ideas Added Throughout
  • Clever Puzzles
  • Chilled Soundtrack

The Bad

  • Quite Short
  • Not Much Replay Value
  • Screen Shake is a Little Annoying