Cross Blitz Is Now Available on Steam

Adventure Awaits in Cross Blitz

Developer Tako Boy Studios and publisher The Arcade Crew’s latest title Cross Blitz is now available on PC via Steam. It is a unique RPG deck builder featuring fast-paced tactical combat with loads of cards and synergies.

You can purchase it right now on the platform for just $17.99 USD with a 10% launch discount. This offer will end in two weeks, so, hurry up and grab it right now.

Cross Blitz

In Cross Blitz, you will embark on epic adventures filled with strategic battles. Redcroft, the fearless pirate awaits your arrival to venture together to win his freedom back from a cruel princess. The famous pop star Violet also needs your help in finding an artifact to stop her evil doppelganger.

Explore a variety of locations and meet a wide array of colorful characters in each hero’s adventure. You must make use of clever card combos and synergies to fight against colorful enemies in the land of Crossdawn Isle. And unlock new cards, abilities, as well as relics.

The roguelite mode is called Tusk Tales and here, you will face an endless challenge. There are five different playable mercenaries to choose from with seven different bosses to defeat. Each character has their own their own unique decks and relics. You can also upgrade your characters according to your preference, and unlock new mercenaries.

So are you ready to use your tactical mind for both the rich story and the roguelite mode? If your answer is yes, then dive right into the game right now.