We’re Getting a Magic: The Gathering RPG

Get the Full Planeswalker Experience Without Spending a Fortune on Magic Cards

It’s the fantasy trifecta! Perfect World Entertainment, Cryptic Studios and Wizards of the Coast are all hooking up to make the next Magic: The Gathering game!

Magic: The Gathering

MTG blew up back in the 90s, settling comfortably into the top slot among trading card games ever since. Players are more than happy to drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the best cards available. A proper video game adaptation opens up the field for people curious about Magic, albeit with a much smaller buy-in.

According to Stephen D’Angelo, Cryptic’s CEO, “everything from the graphics to the gameplay” is getting that AAA treatment. It looks like the developers are pulling out all the stops on this one. We’ve precious few details on the game proper, but the involved parties have a pretty rich history of making quality RPGs.

The game’s original format lends itself to careful, turn-based battling, but the other possibilities are endless. Could this be a MOBA? A more expansive isometric ARPG? We could also be looking at a straight translation of the TCG format, but this doesn’t jive with the comments regarding the AAA nature of the game. Either way, the announcement is more or less all ‘possibility’ with little ‘actuality,’ given the lack of current details. We’ll be sure to get everyone in the loop the moment something of substance is discovered about the game.

SOURCE: Press Release