Activision Has Revealed Their E3 Lineup, Including A “Special Crash” Announcement

Activision E3 Lineup Has Been Announced

Earlier today, Activision revealed their official E3 2017 lineup, confirming the three huge titles: Call of Duty: WWII, Destiny 2, and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. As if this wasn’t enough they also announced that there is a “special Crash” announcement to look forward to at E3 this year!

Call of Duty WW2

With the announcement of the official line-up for E3 this year, Activision has revealed a lot of extra details for the three confirmed games. In their announcement they stated, “E3 will offer hands-on with the game for the very first time, including a first look at Divisions, a fundamentally new way to focus on your multiplayer career.” If you’re wondering what these divisions are, they’ve explained that too! There are five different divisions that will be shown off:

  • Airborne: First to the fight, where you move fast and stay quiet
  • Mountain: Focusing on precise and deadly sharpshooting
  • Infantry: Be the tip of the spear
  • Armored: Bringing the heaviest firepower
  • Expeditionary Force: Packing heat with incendiary shells

In addition to the traditional multiplayer, the game will see the introduction of a new game mode called War Mode, which was developed alongside Raven Software. This new game mode allows players to work as a team to defeat the enemy, and is described a narrative-driven multiplayer experience as a way to immerse players into WWII locations. Lastly, the newest Call of Duty is set to feature a franchise first: Headquarters, where players can earn rewards by competing and connecting with friends!

Destiny 2 Hero

Next, Activision, and Bungie will be offering a bunch of hands-on experiences for players to get a peek at the new story campaign, as well as both the cooperative and competitive multiplayer for Destiny 2. Activision has also confirmed that they will debut the new Guardian subclass: Arcstrider Hunter! This new subclass allows players to summon an Arc-powered staff for melee combat. And yes, according to Activision you will get to play this new guardian subclass as well.

Lastly, Activision will show off what should be the final product for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, as the game will be released just two weeks after E3! Fans will also get a chance to play this, and according to the publisher, “Crash Bandicoot himself will be there, ready and waiting for you to take a selfie with him and populate your social media channels.” On top of this Activision has teased a “special Crash announcement” which could be the possible new game we told you about a few days ago!

What do you think about Activision’s lineup? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for our E3 coverage which you can be sure will cover this!