Magic: The Gathering Announces Fallout Crossover

Planeswalkers Head to the Wasteland 

Attention Planeswalkers, a world beyond what you are used to awaits. This world is harsh and crawling with danger. Yet, it isn’t anything you haven’t faced before. Prepare to enter the wasteland. Today, Wizards of the Coast is proud to announce that their massively popular CCG Magic: The Gathering is collaborating with the iconic universe of Bethesda Games’ Fallout. Importantly, the crossover is bringing over a tonne of iconic characters, items, and more all in the signature style of Magic cards. Interestingly, a first-look video gives players a look at some of the cards that are coming with the crossover. 

Magic: The Gathering

The Magic: The Gathering X Fallout crossover is bringing a whole host of new cards to the game. Interestingly, four new Commander decks are coming to the game. These decks will feature key characters, weapons, abilities, and lands from many of the Fallout games. Furthermore, these decks all take one key theme from the Fallout series and revolve around it. The decks are Survival, Technology, Military, and Mutants. 

Of course, each deck comes with its unique Commander card and important mechanics that make them unique. For instance, Survival decks will rely on players to scavenge for food, tools, and allies. Whereas, Military style decks rely on massive armies and cloned creatures. Magic collectors can check out the first look, in-depth, video for a look at some of the coming cards. 

Magic: The Gathering X Fallout is arriving on March 8th, 2024. More information is available on Magic’s website