Garden Buddies Mixing Horticulture and Mental Health Today

A Garden of Joy 

The mind can be a tricky and sad place sometimes. Mental health is no joke, and learning to take care of one’s mind is important. Of course, what could be more fun than combining mental health with gardening? Especially when there are fairytale monsters involved. Today, RedDeer.Games are happy to announce the release of their cozy horticulture sim, Garden Buddies, to the Nintendo Switch and PC. Placing importance on helpful mental health techniques, the game invites players to journey through a fairytale world filled with interesting monsters. A new launch trailer provides players with a look at the game, its art style, and gameplay. 

Garden Buddies

Garden Buddies invites players to journey through a relaxing storyline set within a lovely garden. Importantly, a myriad of monster buddies are ready to provide players with some help. Within the garden, players will find that they are also able to furnish their very own blossoming section. Here, players can let their little friends give them tips on how to manage their anxiety. For instance, players will find moments as they adventure that will teach them breathing and grounding techniques to deal with anxiety. 

Of course, players can get a glimpse of Garden Buddies in the launch trailer. The trailer shows off the garden itself as well as some of the buddies that players can collect. Check out the trailer below. 

Garden Buddies is out now on Steam and the Nintendo Switch. So, are you ready for some relaxing gardening? What kind of skills are you hoping to learn?