Knights Province Bringing Tactical Warfare With New Alpha

A Classic RTS 

Prepare to enter a more methodical form of real-time strategy. A form of strategy that demands a proper approach to developing a base, and the use of units. It’s time to carve out your province. Today,  indie game developer Krom Stern is happy to announce the release of the 12th Alpha for their medieval RTS, Knights Province. Channeling the gameplay of the RTS games of old, the game invites players to a medieval world where kingdoms fight for supremacy. Of course, players will take on the construction and defense of the kingdom. A press release provides some more details on the game and its newest alpha. 

Knights Province

Knights Province invites players to an RTS in the same vein as Settlers 4, Warcraft I, or Anno 1602. Importantly, the game combines city building and RTS mechanics so that players can adapt and build a kingdom of their very own however they want. Interestingly, the game plays slower than most modern RTS’ and allows players to manage resources and construct their kingdom through collection and meticulous planning. Of course, this isn’t to say that the kingdoms won’t need to worry about defense. However, the game ensures that players don’t rush anything, and the focus changes from fast-paced combat to meticulous and thoughtful establishment. 

Importantly, Knights Province is now in its 12th Alpha. Of course, this means that there are additional features that are currently labeled as works in progress. For instance, players can look forward to improved QOL features, strategic food management, and a map editor. 

Currently, players can access Knights Province on Steam and the game’s website