Death or Glory Is Available Now on Steam Early Access

Dominate the Arena

We have great news for the fans of innovative games. Distilled Gaming Company has released Death or Glory on Steam Early Access. This amazing card game blends mechanics from fighting games such as move timing and the counter system. Moreover, it is completely free to play, so you don’t need to spend any money to enjoy it.

Death or Glory is played in a turn-based system, however, almost every every attack can be dodged or blocked. Each card has a speed system like the frames in fighting games and a heavy attack will still land on a small block. Players need to manage their resources like stamina, champion power, and cards in their hands to dominate the arena.

The game features a total of five different classes, each with a unique play style and resource system. You can choose one of them and venture out through the fantasy realms in a roguelike adventure mode. There are multiple maps to explore as well which evolve and change as you defeat new opponents.

Not only that, you can challenge and face off against other champions in the rank mode. These arenas feature a classic collectible card game (CCG) style just like in Hearthstone and Legends of Runetera). But regardless of what mode you choose, content will unlock consistently.

If you are looking for an awesome fighting game with a twist, you should definitely try this one out.