The Walking Dead: Destinies Launch Date Announced

Forge Your Own Path

Get ready for some adrenaline-pumping action and an interesting narrative. GameMill Entertainment and Flux Game Studio have announced the release date of The Walking Dead: Destinies. It will arrive on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on 17 November. Moreover, there will be a physical release of the game in December.

The Walking Dead: Destinies

The Walking Dead: Destinies is a third-person action-adventure game based on the first four seasons of the AMC TV series. You play as the iconic character Rick Grimes and wake up alone in a hospital surrounded by the dead. You must assemble allies and fight your way through the walker apocalypse.

The game features many familiar locations from the series including Atlanta, the Greene family farm, the prison, and Woodbury. Furthermore, you will need to make crucial decisions that will shape the destiny of you and your team.

The key features are:

– Shatter Fate: Alter the story of AMC’s The Walking Dead by weaving your own path through the series’ events. Save the villain, kill the hero… and live with the consequences.

– Slash, Bash, and Shoot the Undead: Slay hordes of walkers in third-person action with a variety of melee and ranged weapons, including bats, katanas, revolvers, shotguns, and crossbows.

– Build Your Dream Team: Assemble your roster from over twelve iconic characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead, including Rick, Shane, Michonne, Carol, Daryl, and more.

– Survive the Apocalypse: Manage limited resources, scavenge for weapons and ammo, and maximize your party’s abilities to stay alive.

– Experience the Tension: Defend your camp, rescue survivors, and fight through stealth and all-out combat. Get one last chance at survival in a “broken state” before the zombie threat overwhelms you.