MAKOTO WAKAIDO’s Case Files TRILOGY DELUXE Is Out on Steam and Switch

Find Out Whodunnit

Developer Hakababunko and Publisher room6 are proud to announce that their title MAKOTO WAKAIDO’s Case Files TRILOGY DELUXE is out now. The game is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam for $12.99/12.79€ with a 10% launch discount.

It is a special bundle of three games from the beloved series that initially came out on Google Play and the App Store in Japan in 2020. You are famous detective Makoto Wakaido and must investigate mysterious cases. Your task is to gather clues, explore, interact with people, and organize information to solve it.

MAKOTO WAKAIDO’s Case Files TRILOGY DELUXE is fully optimized and reworked to perform well on both platforms. Moreover, it comes along with a new episode for Halloween called The Weeping Hand Manor. The game is based on a very simple concept of solving a mystery puzzle and it hardly takes an hour to finish. It has retro pixel art visuals and soundtracks that set the tone for its narrative. Here is a brief introduction to the episodes:

The Executioner Linchpin
What truth hides behind a gruesome series of murders where the victim was beheaded?
Detective Wakaido has to find the culprit in this story inspired by Japan in the ’80s and the insurgence of religious cults.

The Bogeyman’s Woods
Who or what is behind the missing people in this small, secluded village?
Detective Wakaido must find the real reason for this story in a rural setting.

The Phantom’s Foot
People accused the famous detective of murder. Will he be able to escape capture and prove his innocence?

The Weeping Hand Manor
A mansion shut off from the world by a storm with a supernatural presence haunting and terrifying its guests.
Detective Wakaido must find the truth behind these events.