The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from November 2023

3 Up, 3 Down – November 2023

November 2023 was a great month for video games, but there were some massive letdowns. The most anticipated game of the month scored poorly! Even though there were lots of games in the 80s, there was actually only one game that scored a 90/100. Nintendo had the majority of successes. It’s been a while since we had a majorly disappointing massive release, so let’s just get to The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from November 2023.

The Good

The Iron Oath

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The Iron Oath is a bit of a sleeper hit on The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from November 2023. It’s a tactical Western RPG that’s also a mercenary company management game. While combat is a major portion of The Iron Oath, so is choosing who to assign jobs to, and when they get their days off. The only issue with recommending The Iron Oath, is that it has a pretty steep learning curve for anyone not super familiar with its genres. Our reviewer proclaimed “it’s going to remain installed on my PC for a long while”. They got addicted, and so could you.

Super Mario RPG

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Super Mario RPG is a remake of one of the best JRPGs of all time. It doesn’t change much from the original, but makes a few quality-of-life upgrades, adds some cutscenes to flesh out the narrative, and adds some post-game content. The only issues are that the already very easy game is made even easier by its new updates, and while its graphics are fine, they don’t capture the claymation quality of the original. Our reviewer concluded “whether this is your first time playing or your fifteenth, you’re gonna love Super Mario RPG for the Switch”. High praise for the highest scoring game on The Three Best (and Worst) Video Games from November 2023.

WarioWare: Move It!

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The WarioWare games bombard the player with mini games that only last a handful of seconds. The trick is that the player has to figure out what to do in that short period, with only a short command. WarioWare: Move It! follows this formula with an emphasis on motion controls. The WarioWare games are very Japanese and very wacky. Our reviewer was pretty surprised by the game’s humor, and concluded “WarioWare: Move It! is a hilarious good time and you’d be a fool to let it pass you by”. Don’t be a fool.