Disgaea 6 Character Trailer is Finally Available in English

A True Hero Arrives Fashionably Late

This is far from the first time we’ve talked about Disgaea 6‘s zany cast of outlandish characters, but it is the first time we’ve been able to talk knowledgeably about them in English. Why? Because, like many JRPGs, Disgaea games are promoted in Japanese first, which means a lot of stress and guesswork on our part. But the time for guessing is over! Disgaea 6‘s character trailer is finally available in English! And if you ask us, it was worth the wait. Seriously, just look at these guys–every single one of them is so cute we could scream. If there’s one thing Disgaea truly excels at, it’s making the infernal absolutely adorable. C’mere, Zed, we just want to cuddle…

Disgaea 6 focuses on protagonist Zed, a kind and weak zombie who, through the use of the forbidden Super Reincarnation spell, has gradually turned into an incredibly powerful, murderous jerk. Can this guy really be called a hero if his mentor figure, Cerberus, spends his entire trailer spotlight drawing attention to how far Zed has fallen? We don’t know, but we totally understand where Zed is coming from, because his motive–to save his sweet little sister Bieko from the God of Destruction–makes him the single most relatable protagonist Disgaea has ever had. Except for Mao from Disgaea 3. Don’t try to deny it, we all know it’s true.

The rest of the cast consists of lovesick angel Melodia, greedy human king Misedor, airheaded demon Overlord Ivar, local Power Rangers parody Piyori Nijino, and Magical Girl Majolene. That last one took us by surprise. A demonic magical girl? What is the Netherworld coming to? The more glimpses we get at the game’s actual plot, the more weight that question holds. The character trailer itself concludes with a tired-sounding Zed musing that: “A happy ending… that might not be too bad. But the way this story’s going…”

Where is this story going, NIS? Don’t hold back. We missed your unnecessarily brutal bad endings in Disgaea 5.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is coming west in the Summer of 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

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