Blizzard Using Priority Passes to Improve Role Queues

Priority Pass Is the Future of Role Queues

Blizzard Entertainment is looking to implement a new system they call “priority pass” into their role queues for Overwatch, and presumably World of Warcraft as well. Priority Pass will help decrease queue for DPS players without impacting the tank or support queues too negatively. The new system is intended to reward flexible players and should funnel players into games at a higher rate. Overwatch is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Overwatch Loot Box Game

While tank and support Overwatch players have reliably been rushed into games since the addition of role queues, damage dealers have drawn the short stick and have been waiting upwards of fifteen minutes for games during slow times. Priority Pass is intended to even the balance between the three roles. Priority Pass is coming to Overwatch soon

“Priority passes are earned by entering a flex queue,” said vice president of Blizzard Entertainment Jeff Kaplan during a recent developer update. “When you enter a flex queue you are in essence queueing for every role available (tank, support, damage), and the game will put you in and matchmake you into the role that is currently most needed to speed up queue times for everybody. If you win your game while you’re in the flex queue, you’ll earn even more Priority Passes than you would if you lost.

“If you are playing an impacted role, and if we’re being honest and direct with each other that’s probably the damage role,” continued Jeff Kaplan. “If you are somebody who has a Priority Pass, you will get a faster queue time for that role… and if you lose, you’re still going to get some Priority Passes, but if you win, you’re going to earn a lot.”

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