PlayStation Store Getting Overhauled This Month

: Sony Will Be Changing the PlayStation Store Soon

Sony has officially confirmed that the PlayStation Store is getting a big overhaul towards the end of this month. The changes coming to the PlayStation Store primarily focus on the PC and Mobile version of the store, which will now prevent gamers from purchasingĀ PS3, PSP, and PS Vita products. Your Wishlist will also be removed from the PlayStation Store according to Sony, and any lists gamers were working on will be removed. PS Plus will continue to offer free titles for subscribers as this generation of consoles comes to a close and the next one debuts next month.

Playstation wrap-up

Ahead of the release of the PS5, Sony is overhauling the PlayStation Store in a big way, but the store isn’t the only thing improving with next-gen. PlayStation has already overhauled their trophy system ahead of the release of the PS5, giving PlayStation fans an early glimpse of things to come. According to Sony, “players will no longer be able to buy a large selection of products on the PlayStation Store when accessing the digital marketplace through a computer or mobile device.” The PlayStation Store changes will go into effect as part of the October 28th update.

While gamers will still be able to make select purchases through the PC and Mobile PS Store app, several things will be inaccessible after the October 28th update to the PlayStation Store. The news about the upcoming PlayStation Store changes comes from Sony themselves after they sent an important email to its various development partners. Considering it’s locking away content from grandfathered platforms, it looks like PlayStation is more focused on next-gen than backwards compatibility, which Xbox seems heavily focused on.

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