The Best-Selling Games in the PlayStation Store for 2018 Might Surprise You

Sony Has Revealed the Top-Selling Games in the PlayStation Store for 2018

Last year was a fantastic one for PS4 gamers worldwide with some incredible exclusive titles and while God of War may have taken the title home for Game of the Year at The Game Awards, which game claimed the top spot in the PlayStation Store for 2018? Sony has just pulled the curtain up and revealed which games sold the best in the PlayStation Store for 2018.

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As 2018 gets farther and farther away in our rearview, we’re still finding out which were the year’s biggest and brightest stars and which ones just failed to gain traction in the industry…strictly speaking in terms of sales. So which game took home the crown for the best-selling PS4 title of 2018? No, it wasn’t the GOTY nominees or winner, but rather Call of Duty: Black Ops 4! Interestingly the love for GTA V just won’t quit and though the game released over 5 years ago, it’s made its way onto to this list every year.

Which PSVR title took home the top spot last year? None other than Job Simulator. While the games on this list may not be all that surprising, there was one huge game missing from the list entirely: Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. You can check out the best-selling games PS4, PSVR, and Free-to-Play titles in the PlayStation Store for 2018 below.

PlayStation 4

1) Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
2) Red Dead Redemption 2
3) Marvel’s Spider-Man
4) God of War
5) Grand Theft Auto V
6) NBA 2K19
7) FIFA 19
8) Monster Hunter: World
9) Far Cry 5
10) Madden NFL 19

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1) Job Simulator
2) Beatersaber
3) Superhot VR
4) PlayStation VR Worlds
5) Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality
6) Arizona Sunshine
7) Moss
8) Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
9) Driveclub VR
10) Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality


1) Fortnite
2) H1Z1: Battle-Royale
3) Brawlhalla
4) Warface
5) Paladins
6) Warframe
7) PES 2018 Lite
8) Fallout Shelter
9) DC Universe Online
10) America’s Army: Proving Grounds

For the full list of best-selling themes, PS Vita games etc. you can check that out right here. What do you think about the top-selling games from last year in the PlayStation Store? Were you surprised by any of the games on the list? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for all the latest gaming news.