Call of Duty: Mobile Nears Fortnite Numbers Year One

Call of Duty: Mobile Released as a Huge Hit

According to analytics from Sensor Tower, Call of Duty: Mobile has had a huge first year, raking in $480 million from mobile gamers in less than 365 days. In comparison, Sensor Tower showed that Call of Duty: Mobile is nearing Fortnite numbers on the mobile gaming market, with PUBG leading the way. Call of Duty: Mobile has apparently been downloaded 270 million times, with 148 million joining the game in the first month. Call of Duty: Mobile is available on iOS and Android right now.

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Activision partnered with Tencent’s Timi Studios to release Call of Duty: Mobile and it seems to have paid off with Tencent’s continued expertise in the mobile gaming market. Tencent is also behind PUBG Mobile, which topped the charts ahead of Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite during the same one-year period. Of the $480 million spent by Call of Duty: Mobile gamers, a whopping $215 million came solely from the United States market, showing how popular the Call of Duty franchise continues to be in the West.

Revenue for Call of Duty: Mobile apparently peaked in Q2 2020, with mobile gamers spending nearly doubled quarter-over-quarter. These figures line up with the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns in Western markets according to Sensor Tower, hinting that mobile gaming blossomed during the worst days of the ongoing pandemic. Call of Duty: Mobile was the third best-grossing mobile shooter in the US market during its first year, only following PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

While Call of Duty: Mobile is massively popular in the U.S. gamers in Japan spent nearly as much on the mobile game during its first year, with Germany following closely behind them as the third biggest spenders in Call of Duty: Mobile.

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