Among Us Mobile Reaches Pokemon Go Level Numbers

Among Us Mobile as Successful as Pokemon Go 2016

According to analytics firm SuperData, Among Us mobile is hugely successful. Apparently Among Us mobile has achieved Pokemon Go 2016 levels of success, with over 80 million players as of mid-September. The report from SuperData fails to cite specific download or financial numbers, but Among Us mobile has blown up in popularity in recent months. Among Us is available right now on PC, iOS, and Android.

Pokemon Go continues to achieve significant in-game purchases, making it one of the best mobile earners, but Among Us mobile is continuing to grow in popularity as Pokemon Go did when it peaked in 2016. Among Us has become a meme and streaming sensation in recent months, despite releasing back in 2018 to very little acclaim. The mobile version of the game continues to grow in popularity with the game becoming such a pop-cultural phenomenon, though it failed to crack the top 40 highest-grossing mobile games of September 2020 so InnerSloth isn’t making much from the success.

SuperData has confirmed in their recent report that the only in-app purchases in Among Us are to remove ads and add cosmetic items, neither of which are apparently driving strong sales. Considering cosmetics continue to make Epic Games big bucks through Fortnite and Respawn Entertainment through Apex Legends, improved Among Us cosmetics will likely lead to more in-app purchases. Developer InnerSloth seems to prioritize player goodwill over monetization, so they may be less interested in capitalizing on the player base and more interested in delivering a quality experience.

Considering the success of Among Us on both PC and mobile, InnerSloth must be cooking up some big new things for the deception heavy indie game. Are you playing Among Us mobile or do you prefer PC? Let us know in the comments below!