Pokemon GO Is Having Another Successful Year

COVID-19 Hasn’t Slowed Pokemon GO’s Profits

According to Sensor Tower analytics, Pokemon GO is having one of its most successful years since releasing in 2016. Niantic is receiving record-breaking rates of revenue and profit from Pokemon GO despite the limitations that fans face due to COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing implementations. Sensor Tower shows that Niantic made $445.3 million from Pokemon GO in 2020 and it may be due to the success of “stay-at-home functionality.” Pokemon GO is available for free on iOS and Android right now, with GO Fest 2020 happening later this month.

Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus Challenge Mewtwo

Pokemon GO players have collectively spent $3.6 billion since the game’s 2016 debut according to Sensor Tower, $445.3 million of which they’ve spent in 2020 alone. According to Sensor Tower data, the United States brings in the most revenue, with Japan and Germany generating the second and third most player spending amounts respectively. Player spending in Pokemon GO has consistently gone up since 2018 and COVID-19 didn’t get between Pokemon fans and playing their favorite mobile AR game. With so many ways to continue playing Pokemon GO from home this year, Niantic isn’t forcing their fans to get out and explore for rewards.

While Pokemon GO’s growth of 2018 and 2019 still outweigh the growth of 2020, gamers still have plenty of time to contribute to its success and GO Fest 2020 will likely increase it a bit later this month. Sensor Tower’s data is still composed of estimates and not official data from Nintendo and Niantic, but these numbers have been corroborated by other outlets such as Statista. Pokemon GO has been key to Niantic’s success, but the team also recently released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which broadens the AR capabilities the developers are continuing to improve.

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Source: Game Rant