Long Awaited PvP Mode “Go Battle League” Hits Pokemon Go

The Preseason for the Go Battle League is Underway

PvP is finally hitting Pokemon Go in the form of the Go Battle League. The online PvP mode has already begun rolling out to players as of Jan 28. Similar to previous major releases like this, the feature will be available to high level players first, with lower level players gradually getting access later this week. Niantic uses this method to better maintain stability.

Pokemon GO Raid WeekNiantic is starting the Battle League off with a preseason, which is not an official competitive season. The preseason is being used to determine how the Go Battle League is being used by players. The results of the preseason will help the company balance the game mode and determine how long competitive seasons should last. The preseason will still offer rewards and allow players to rank. Rankings will be partially reset at the start of season one.

One of the rewards on offer is Pikachu Libre, who initially appeared in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby as well as the Pokken Tournament game. Players will also be able to earn avatar items inspired by Pikachu Libre’s look.

The new mode will cycle through three different formats: Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. The differences between the three leagues is unknown at the moment. A blog post from the official Pokemon Go website provides some insight into the differences.

For the preseason, the Great League will run from January 28 to February 10. Ultra League will go from February 10 to February 24, and Master League will go from February 24 to March 9. There is no word on when season one will officially begin.

To enter the Go Battle League, players must first walk 5km. Players can forego most of the walking requirement by spending PokeCoins, but they will still have to walk at least 2km.

Source: Press Release