Fall Guys: Season 2 Launches Today

Get Ready to Fall Into a New Season

It feels like just yesterday that the Takeshi’s Castle esque Fall Guys took the gaming world by storm, but we’re already seeing the release of season two, with new costumes, new levels, and new scenery that’ll have us laughing in joy as much as we’ll be tearing our hair out. (Although I’d do the latter less if See Saw didn’t turn up in 9/10 games.)

The new season is Medieval themed, hinting that we could see more themed releases in further seasons. The costumes include witches, wizards, knights, and dragons, and there are currently four new levels, with more on the way.

Developer Mediatonic described the levels as:

  • Hoopsie Legends – Teamwork (sometimes) makes the dream work
  • Knight Fever – Our most challenging Gauntlet yet
  • Egg Siege – Tactical scrambling action
  • Wall Guys – Build it up, tear it down

We get to see the new games in play in the trailer, and they look like that perfect mix of fun and frustration (Funstration?) that Fall Guys fans have gotten used to by now.

Also coming is the new feature, Show Selector, which lets you choose which sort of rounds you’d like to face: Main Show will open up all the levels in the game for random selection, Gauntlet Showdown will have you only play gauntlet rounds (Which guarantees Fall Mountain as the last level at the moment), while Slime Survivors features only rounds which involve slime. At the moment only Main Show and Gauntlet Showdown are available, and Gauntlet Showdown is only available for a week at the moment. Given that just about every type of round has at least one game you’ll hate it does mean that even if you’re best at certain styles of games, such as gauntlets, you’ll be more likely to face that one round than if you selected Main Game.

Fall Guys

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Source: Press Release