ESIC Investigating Competitive CS: GO Scene

ESIC Is Clamping Down on CS: GO Cheaters

According to the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), multiple sanctions will be imposed on future Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments due to on-going cheating and corruption. The organization is also investigating other potential exploits and glitches going all the way back to 2016. The inquiry will analyze roughly 25,000 demos of CS:GO matches played between 2016-2020, and manual reviews of key demos will be performed. A breakdown of the sanctions will be published by ESIC on a monthly basis. CS: GO is available right now for PC and Mac.


Considering the Esports Integrity Commission will have to analyze around 25,000 demos of CS: GO, this investigation is no joke. Cheating, exploitation, and corruption have all been issues with CS: GO since it released way back in 2012. Three CS:GO coaches from Hard Legion, Heroic, and MIRB were recently suspended by ESL for up to two years, potentially sparking this ESIC investigation. The suspended coaches were utilizing a glitch that allowed them to spectate games from anywhere on the map, and relay information back to players secretly.

Competitive gamers have been caught cheating in a number of games from Fortnite and CoD: Warzone, to Overwatch and DOTA 2, so it would be misleading to suggest that it’s only an issue with CS: GO. ESIC has apparently “reviewed a large quantity of evidence,” and based on the evidence, they’ve decided to conduct this investigation. Apparently ESIC will take around eight months to complete their investigation, while warning that “additional complications that may arise during the investigative process,” that may slow things down.

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