Dragonite Found in Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Code

Dragonite Datamined From Sword & Shield Crown Tundra

Dataminers have recently discovered Dragonite in the code of Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC. The rumors that Dragonite would be added to Pokemon Sword and Shield began when dataminers initially discovered the code back when the Isle of Armor DLC was first released, and the upcoming Crown Tundra DLC will apparently focus on Dragon-type Pokemon. Nintendo hasn’t given Pokemon fans an idea of when they can play through the Crown Tundra DLC, but the Isle of Armor is available right now for Pokemon Sword and Shield which are both available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

When the Isle of Armor DLC released for Pokemon Sword and Shield, it brought with it a plethora of new Pokemon to catch and trade. While the Crown Tundra DLC is guaranteed to bring tons of new Pokemon to the games, dataminers are assuring Pokemon fans that Dragonite will be one of the original 151 Pokemon coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield in the upcoming DLC. They have located the Dragon-Flying type Pokemon in the files of the Crown Tundra DLC thanks to the expansion pass.

Kingdra was among the Pokemon added to Pokemon Sword and Shield with the Isle of Armor DLC, and it had an interesting Pokedex entry that referenced Dragonite before dataminers had located the data for Dragonite in the files of the DLC. A recent leak disclosed that the Dragonite and its evolutionary line will be exclusive to Pokemon Shield, while Pokemon Sword will get Garchomp and its evolutionary line in its absence. These leaks haven’t been confirmed by Nintendo or Game Freak but it adds credence to the rumors that Dragonite will come to Pokemon Sword and Shield through the Crown Tundra DLC.

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