Best Game Companies To Work For In The UK

The Results of the Best Places To Work Awards hosts a game award every year, voting for the best places to work in the industry. Considering the nightmare stories of terrifying working conditions, I honestly think this award should be getting more recognition, especially if you are a gamer with even a remote interest in the business or creative side of things. So, here are the results for the 2020 UK Best Places To Work Awards!

Total War Elysium

Best Small Companies: Failbetter Games, Lab42, Red Kite Games, Sumo Leamington and Unit 2 Games.

Best Mid-Sized Companies: Criterion, D3T, Hutch, Sega Hardlight, Space Ape Games and Studio Gobo

Best Large Companies: Creative Assembly, Improbable, NaturalMotion and Unity.”

In addition to the main awards pointing at the general companies with excellent working conditions, they also give some bonus awards for certain categories below:

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award — in partnership with SpecialEffect (For companies that support charities and the wider games business)

Winner: Electric Square

The Health and Wellbeing Award (For companies who support their staff’s physical and mental welfare)

Winner: Rare

The Diversity Award (For companies that encourage a diverse workforce in games)

Winner: Sumo Leamington

The Education Award (For companies that support schools, universities and colleges)

Winner: Creative Assembly

The Crisis Management Award (For a company who best supported staff during the pandemic)

Winner: Playground Games

The Best Small Company (The highest scoring company under 50 employees)

Winner: Red Kite Games

The Best Mid-Sized Company (The highest scoring company under 200 employees)

Winner: Space Ape Games

The Best Large Company (The highest scoring company over 200 employees)

Winner: NaturalMotion

The UK’s Best Boss

Winner: Gareth Edmondson, Creative Assembly”

Congratulations to all the winners, and we hope more companies can follow in your footsteps!