Black Ops Cold War: Snipers Will Be Nerfed

They Purposely Buffed Snipers Just For the Alpha

If you have been playing in the Black Ops Cold War alpha multiplayer, you may have noticed that the Snipers seem pretty damn strong this time around… maybe a bit too strong. Don’t worry, the devs have confirmed that they will be nerfed before release.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Mutliplayer

The more interesting part of all this is that the devs knew that the snipers were OP and made it that way on purpose. With more people jumping on to try out the snipers, they could gather data quicker on how powerful snipers can be. This may be important in testing out the new maps, as sniper’s effectiveness can hinge heavily on the playing field. A sniper’s kicking ass on a map with long hallways? Seems cool. A sniper dominating in claustrophobic maps? Dunno about that, chief. Check out the tweet by Tom Flame below:

I honestly love when we get insights like this into game development. It makes me feel like they are utilizing the alpha like it was meant to be.