They’re Dance-Fighting! – Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise

Beat to the Beat

The world was taken by storm by the Coronavirus, unfortunately. Routines were disrupted and for fitness enthusiasts, that means no going to the gym or for runs in some cases. Ring Fit Adventure to the rescue! Ring Fit Adventure began selling out all over the world, only recently getting a break from being swept right off the shelves, digitally and physically. If you still have a hard time getting your hands on a copy of the game and the hardware, you may want to look into Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise. You might even like it more.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise

It may have been in bad taste to lead with the idea of Fitness Boxing 2 being an alternative to Ring Fit Adventure, but competition from that game is fierce in this genre of gaming. The announcement trailer suggests that Fitness Boxing 2 is a much tighter focus of fitness game. You hold your Joy Cons in your hands and you read the tracks for each hand like in a rhythm game like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. The icons lead you through a work out synced up to a beat, where you perform moves like jabs, dips, uppercuts, and hooks.

Like Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing 2 offers accessibility functions that add or remove certain moves to your routines like body punches, steps, and twists. And like workout apps and software, you can track your scores, workouts, and calories burned day by day. Ring Fit Adventure also has a dedicated Rhythm Mode, so if you are deciding between these two games, you can check them both out.

Would you try this fitness/rhythm game for a workout? Let us know in the comments below.