Coronavirus Has Apparently Led to Shortages of Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Misadventure

To Western audiences that may think that fitness and video games do not mix, I give you… the rest of the world! While the threat of the Coronavirus in Canada and the United States remains extremely low, folks in China are not so lucky. Many Chinese citizens in certain areas have taken to self-quarantine to protect themselves and each other from contracting the virus. Normally, exercise is a culturally ingrained part of life in most Asian countries, but being shut in all day really puts a damper on that. For this reason, demand and price for Ring Fit Adventure has skyrocketed.

Ring Fit Adventure

The effect of this rise in demand can actually be felt in other countries around China. Since Chinese players cannot actually buy the game through Chinese retailers, they have to order it through other means like eBay and Chinese eBay, whatever that might be called. Basically, resellers in surrounding countries are buying it and then selling to Chinese customers. Apparently, this is leading to retailers capping the number of Ring Fit Adventure copies being sold to customers. This is like the video game equivalent of scalpers buying out a concert and then selling tickets to real fans.

Ring Fit Adventure was popular enough that Nintendo felt the need to apologize for shortages of the game, and that was before the Coronavirus outbreak. The Coronavirus has also led to the cancellation of many events and certain event attendees from major conventions. Ring Fit Adventure is out now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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Source: VideoGamer