Bioware’s General Manager Releases Statement Discussing Its Future

Bioware’s General Manager Releases Statement Discussing Its Future

Bioware is a leader in the video game industry as a publisher and developer of major titles. The company is known for its RPGs and storytelling abilities. As a result, it has had its hands in titles including Star Wars: The Old Republic, Baldur’s Gate and of course, the Mass Effect franchise. Today, Gary McKay, the General Manager of Bioware, who stepped into the role in 2021, has provided an update to fans on the state of Bioware and upcoming plans for the company.

The statement commences by noting the difficulties working during the pandemic. McKay continues by stating that despite the constraints, the team was happy with the reception from the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition in May. Going forward, the company will work around the pandemic, hiring persons from across North America and offer more flexibility. It is clear that Bioware was affected by the pandemic, as were many other companies in the world.

McKay notes that Bioware is prepared to release Legacy of the Sith, an expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic on February 15th. The expansion comes after ten years of success. Additionally, the team continues to work hard on the upcoming iterations of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Dragon Age is focused on a single-player experience with various choices.

Finally, the statement concludes as McKay looks back as Gamestop’s 2021 Roundup and the statements concerning Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Therefore, from the statement, fans of Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic have a lot to look forward to!

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