Dead Cells Celebrates Launch Of Its Third DLC With Insane Trailer

Dead Cells Celebrates Launch Of Its Third DLC With Insane Trailer

In 2018, Motion Twins and Evil Empire, as a developer-publisher duo, hit it out the park with their release of the title. Dead Cells is roguelike that is similar to The Binding of Isaac and other metroidvania titles. Since its release, the game has been praised by the community and soared in success. Today, the companies celebrate the release of the game’s third DLC, Dead Cells: The Queen & The Sea. The DLC seeks to bring a conclusion to the epic story while introducing a ton of new content for players to enjoy.

The developers have released an insanely cool animated trailer along with the release of the DLC. The trailer is funny, has a cool musical theme and excellent design. Furthermore, fans can purchase Dead Cells at a discount. The game along with three DLCs are currently available for $21.49USD while the base game is marked at 50% off. Additionally, a DLC bundle is priced at $9.99 for two weeks from launch.

The latest DLC takes players through two new biomes, The Infested Shipwreck and The Lighthouse. The Beheaded seeks a way off the island following the events of the two previous DLCs, but there are some serious, tough challenges.

In the DLC, fans will enjoy a new pet along with nine new weapons. The Leghugger will use its abilities to assist in combat while eacah weapon has its own benefits. Needless to say, the developers have also thrown a ton of new outfits and secrets to unlock into the new areas.

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