Obsidian’s Grounded Blows up on Steam

The Steam Community Has Taken to Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded

Obsidian Entertainment has released Grounded in early access on both Xbox One and PC. Since the release, the game has blown up on Steam, becoming a top-selling game in days and it’s reviewed very positively on the platform as well. While the title only recently entered early access and clearly has a long way to go, both the Steam and Xbox communities have really taken to the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” inspired survival title. Grounded is available PC and Xbox One and it will be part of the Xbox Series X library, and it’s also part of the extensive Game Pass lineup.

Grounded Obsidian

SteamDB recently reported a concurrent player peak for Grounded on Steam of 12,543 players, which puts it in the top 100 most played games on Steam. Grounded has also recently become one of the top three spots in terms of viewers on Twitch. Grounded continues to prove that even if a game is part of the Game Pass lineup doesn’t mean its sales are going to be diminished. With both the Xbox and Steam communities firmly behind Grounded and Twitch viewers showing tremendous interest in the new survival title, Obsidian Entertainment could have a sleeper hit on their hands.

Nearly 6,000 Steam users have reviewed Grounded on the platform and the majority of their experiences are very positive. Even those who have expressed negative feelings about the game may be won over by it as it continues to evolve through early access and Obsidian Entertainment continues to listen to the community feedback. While Grounded is a big departure in gameplay and style for Obsidian Entertainment, the survival game is only being developed by 13 passionate developers at the studio.

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