Grounded Will Have a Spider-Free, Arachnophobia Mode

Spider, No Spiding!

Everyone is scared of something; ghosts, the dark, tight spaces, the existential terror of realizing that I will die alone and that my life will amount to a zero sum, etc.. And there are also people who are scared of spiders (don’t worry, no spider images will be on this page). This includes your ol’ pal Zane. Spiders of any kind terrify me. Small spiders, medium spiders, those huge ones in Australia, tarantulas; every kind, real or fake. Obsidian’s next big game Grounded has shown to have an abundance of these awful creatures. Not only that, but the premise is that those tiny critters are now much bigger than the player.


If you are scared of clowns, you avoid circuses. If you are scared of ghosts, you avoid ghosts movies. If you are afraid of spiders, you actually do NOT have to avoid Grounded. Obsidian is making an Arachnophobia Mode for people like me. This terrifying experience will can now seem like a total vacation where you enter a world where spiders don’t exist. Earlier this week, Obsidian released a new trailer for Grounded. For arachnophobes like me, it was a quick nope. Full stop. Though a fan took to Twitter, saying that they would not be getting Grounded for this reason, but Obsidian sated their alarm with this news.

Personally, I think Arachnophobia Mode should be the next Horde Mode; available in nearly every game, a staple of gaming in the 2020s. No word on what, if anything, will be replacing these spiders. Hopefully, they can also replace ants with aunts. Grounded will be hitting Xbox One and PC on July 28th.

Will you be playing on Arachnophobia Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter