Grounded Demo Coming to Xbox Insiders

Grounded Joining Steam Game Festival and Xbox Insider

Obsidian Entertainment said they intend to bring the single-player demo to the Xbox Insider program and the Steam Game Festival next month. Grounded‘s demo will run from June 9th until the 14th on Xbox One and PC. Grounded is Obsidian’s upcoming survival game that shrinks players to microscopic sizes, becoming susceptible to ants, spiders and other small creatures. The demo will include some of the wacky gameplay showed off during trailers but it will have its limits as well. The title will be fully released on July 28th for Xbox One and PC and it will be joining the Game Pass lineup day one.

Grounded Obsidian

The Xbox Insider version of the Grounded demo will be distributed in a first-come-first-serve way, so gamers will have to be on top of it on June 8th. If you’re interested in Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded and aren’t part of the Xbox Insider program, it’s best that you look into it before the demo goes live. Steam users will all gain access to the Grounded demo, making it the easier platform to try the game on during the Steam Game Festival. Doing the demo through Xbox Insider is a little more exclusive than something like Game Pass which would have been more accessible to Xbox One fans.

“Grounded will release its Xbox Insider flight AND participate in the Steam Game Festival on June 9th!” claimed Obsidian Entertainment on their official Twitter account. “More ways to play the single-player demo means more of you get to play!” We’re looking forward to seeing how Grounded changes up the survival formula and what their take on Micro environments is. Gamers who are interested in being an Xbox Insider can do so on the Xbox One dashboard or through the official Xbox Insider website.

Obsidian Entertainment dropped a ton of Grounded news in an Inside Xbox event during April, letting Xbox fans know what to expect from the upcoming survival game. They unveiled some gameplay mechanics, including combat and in-depth building, but they also announced that arachnophobes have nothing to fear because Grounded includes an Arachnophobia mode.


Will you be trying the free demo of Grounded in June? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Dualshockers