Microsoft Cooking up More Reasons to Get Game Pass

Jeff Grubb Says Microsoft Has Big Game Pass News

While discussing Microsoft’s recent decision to drop the Xbox 20/20 branding on Twitter, GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb recently said they have yet another big reason to get Game Pass being announced soon. The information will apparently be public knowledge in the next few weeks, but Grubb made sure to tease his followers with what to expect from Microsoft in the near future. In reply to someone else, Jeff Grubb also clarified that it isn’t about any particular game so it could be a new feature, platform, or series of games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for $15 per month for gamers who have already utilized a promotion, and it unlocks access to the extensive Game Pass lineup on Xbox One and PC.

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Microsoft recently announced that Project xCloud would be added to the Xbox Game Pass service at no additional cost and it seems like Jeff Grubb is suggesting that Microsoft has an equally exciting announcement to make in the near future. The most recent Xbox game showcase showed off a slew of games that are all coming to Game Pass day one and Microsoft continues to give Xbox fans more reasons to subscribe to the gaming subscription service.

“Like I said, it’s going to be kind of an Xbox Month. It already did the xCloud announcement, and Phil already showed up on the Samsung Galaxy thing,” said Jeff Grubb. “Should still expect to see more about Xbox Series S and yet another big reason to get Game Pass in the next 2-to-3 weeks… It’s not any specific game or anything like that. For example, Cyberpunk is not coming to Game Pass at launch.”

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