Phil Spencer Vows To Not Raise Prices For Xbox Game Pass

Don’t Let Us Down Phil

The Xbox Game Pass has seen a lot of success in 2019. It should not be too surprising. Microsoft’s new subscription service is objectively one of the better deals out there right now. It is hard to compete with the generous amount of free games that Xbox Game Pass is able to crank out. It has been well received by fans too. Validation that Xbox is in desperate need of this generation. This new service is going to continue onto the Xbox Series X, but the head of Xbox Phil Spencer has promised that there will be no increase to the price in later years.

While the Game Pass might appear like a bad idea business idea on the surface, Spencer insists that it is profitable. It is this preconceived notion that Xbox Game Pass is losing Microsoft money that has everyone worried that prices will later be raised to make up for lost profits. “I know some people — I’ve seen it — some people say, ‘Oh, they’re just kind of burning money left and right in order to gain customers so they can trick you into raising the price later.’ Spencer said. “There’s no model like that, for us. We feel good in the business that we’re running now. We’re definitely investing in it, but not investing in a way that’s unsustainable.”

What sets Xbox Game Pass apart from the rest is that subscribers get to play new triple-a titles, instead of games that are five or more years old. For instance, subscribers can play new releases like Gears 5 without having to pay for the game. Hopefully, Spencer and everyone else at Xbox does not go back on their word. The Xbox Game Pass is truly one of the best subscription-based services around.