Ninjala 2.0 Update Fixes All of Ninjala

Just The Whole Dang Thing

Ninjala landed with a bit of a thud when it launched on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. Thankfully, a massive 2.0 update patch is going to address pretty much all the issues. Said patch is available right now, in case any Ninjala players are out there desperate for a fix or two.

Ninjala 2.0 update

The three major elements of the patch are “Offer an ideal matching environment – Improving player experience through UI/UX – Further polish game balance.” In other words, the match system, the UI, and the overall balance are being improved. The match system is being opened to multi-region games, which will reduce wait time. It might also create lag, however.

The menus also offer more information, there’s an on-screen parry guide, and several weapons have been buffed, leaving them feeling more impactful.  Some skills have been nerfed, but even the minor tweaks are being monitored for the next little while. Any fresh balance issues that pop up will be swiftly dealt with by Gungho. Overall, it seems like lapsed fans may have good reason to come back and give the game another shot. The complete patch notes are listed here. You can play Ninjala right now on the Nintendo Switch.