Xbox Live Gold May Become a Thing of the Past

Xbox Live Gold 12-Month Disappeared From the Microsoft Store

Many people are now speculating that Xbox Live Gold will be changing drastically after the removal of 12-month subscriptions from the Microsoft Store. Xbox gamers who need to re-up their subscriptions will are only able to purchase 1-month or 3-month options, hinting at a potential big change for the service in the next few months. Microsoft has recently confirmed the removal isn’t a mistake, but they didn’t hint at the potential future of the service. Xbox Live Gold comes included with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for $15 per month and it includes access to the extensive Game Pass lineup.

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“At this time Xbox has decided to remove the 12 month Xbox Live Gold SKU from the Microsoft online Store,” said Microsoft in a recent statement about the removal of 12-Month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions from the Microsoft Store. With the inclusion of Xbox Live Gold in an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and Project xCloud coming to the service at no additional cost, Microsoft may be shifting focus so gamers can utilize the full potential of Xbox.

While Xbox gamers can still purchase 1-month and 3-month subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, the 12-month subscriptions being removed seem to hint that something is changing drastically within the next twelve months. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Live Gold and provides access to Game Pass on both Xbox One and PC so it’s likely that Microsoft would like to prioritize this subscription. The upcoming release of the Xbox Series X may also be hinting at a reason for the removal of 12-month subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold and a potential version that takes both generations of Xbox consoles online.

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