New Xbox Live Friends Spiked Since COVID-19

Xbox Live Brings Gamers Together During COVID-19

Phil Spencer recently unveiled during an interview that new Xbox Live friendships spiked since the spread of COVID-19. According to the executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft, new friendships created on Xbox Live hit 270 million since lockdown began. While COVID-19 may have separated us physically, Phil Spencer suggests that people keep in touch with others online through the pandemic and make new digital friends as it continues. Xbox Live Gold is available standalone or as part of Game Pass Ultimate for $15 per month, which includes the Game Pass library across Xbox One and PC.

Xbox Scarlett

“Xbox had over 270 million new friend relationships created on Xbox Live,” said Phil Spencer during a recent interview. “Not only are people staying connected with their existing friends, they’re finding new friends online as they’re playing together, which is really great.” Apparently the lockdown implementations across the world have some good news with services such as Xbox Live Gold bringing people together digitally when they can’t meet in person. It’s always nice to see more people coming together to play great games and even the worst games can become great with some buddies.

Xbox Live may be bringing millions more people together to play games but Game Pass is bringing an extensive library to millions of players according to Microsoft. Microsoft’s Q3 financials suggest that there are over 10 million Game Pass subscribers right now and there are around 90 million monthly active Xbox Live subscribers. Microsoft’s goal is to bring these subscribers together under the Game Pass Ultimate umbrella and it seems like Game Pass is continuing and upward trajectory going into next-gen.

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Source: Game Rant