Ready At Dawn Bought By Oculus

Oculus Has Purchased Ready At Dawn

Oculus has officially purchased the the developer behind VR games Lone Echo and Echo Arena, Ready At Dawn. Ready At Dawn Studios is notable for the innovative movement mechanics it’s developed in virtual reality, solving issues such as walking in VR. Oculus said in a lengthy statement that Lone Echo is a phenomenon that it sets the standard for VR narrative adventure. Ready At Dawn will continue operating independently at its California and Oregon offices according to Oculus but they’ll be supporting the studio to continue innovating in the VR realm. Ready At Dawn’s Lone Echo is available on several VR devices now, but future titles from the studio may be optimized for Oculus headsets specifically.

Lone Echo ins1

Ready At Dawn Studios’ storytelling and innovation DNA were on full display in Lone Echo and set the standard for VR narrative adventure, showcasing how virtual reality offers players more immersive, memorable, and emotionally charged experiences,” said a recent statement from Oculus. Having shipped titles to multiple platforms in the past, Ready At Dawn is a veteran game developer with some serious chops, as well as a VR pioneer. They’ve created four titles for the Oculus Platform, including Lone Echo, Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Lone Echo II, which is currently in development.”

“In addition to setting the bar for narrative VR experiences, Lone Echo re-wrote the playbook for VR movement mechanics with the debut of Ready At Dawn’s signature innovative continuous locomotion system and full-body IK (inverse kinematics),” continued the recent Oculus statement. “The zero-g mechanic is used throughout the Echo Games franchise and lends itself well to VR beginners and competitive VR esports alike. As part of the Oculus Studios team, Ready At Dawn will continue creating memorable, immersive, and innovative VR content for gamers around the world as an independently-operated studio. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the family.”

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Source: Engadget