Former Xbox Exec Claims PS5 Won’t Cost Over $500

There’s No Way the PS5 Will Be Over $500 According to Albert Penello

According to former Xbox marketing executive, Albert Panello, the PS5 won’t be priced over $500 due to their history with high priced consoles. The PS3 set the standard for expensive consoles recently and Panello claims that Sony won’t be going down that road for the next generation of PlayStation consoles. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the cost of next-gen consoles since neither Xbox or PlayStation have unveiled their price yet, despite announcing specs and games that fans can expect to see on the Xbox Series X and PS5. Both next-gen consoles are expected to release during the holiday release window but nobody knows precisely how much they’ll be as of now.

Playstation 5

“I believe in the saying ‘never say never’ But I gotta say never. No way this console is over $499,” claimed Albert Penello on his Twitter account. “I can’t conceive how Sony would go from pricing it’s best generation since PS2 @ $399, to pricing from it’s worst generation PS3 @ $599.” Considering there’s no official word on how much gamers can expect to drop on the next-gen consoles, Penello’s guess is just as good as any. Given his expertise in marketing, Panello may have more insider knowledge than an average leaker but we also wouldn’t be drastically surprised if the PS5 is over $500.

Albert Panello was part of the Xbox marketing team for almost 18 years and this experience gives him an idea of what to expect from new console releases. The price and official release date for the PS5 have not been confirmed as of now and anything is possible until Sony confirms both. Sony Interactive Entertainment recently unveiled the look of the PS5 and confirmed that there will be a digital edition of the console which will likely cost less than the disc-based unit, but neither has a confirmed price.

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Source: Comic Book Gaming