CrossfireX Open Beta Confirmed for This Week

Xbox One Getting Open Beta for CrossfireX Soon

Microsoft has officially confirmed that an open beta for CrossfireX is coming to the Xbox One very soon, with a closed beta already available for Xbox Insiders with Xbox Live Gold. Xbox One owners who aren’t in the Insider program can sign up now or wait until June 25th when the open beta begins. The beta will run from 12:00am PST on Thursday and it will run until 9:00pm PST Sunday, June 28th. Fans who try the beta will be rewarded with the beta-exclusive “X-B.C. Axe” weapon skin when the game launches exclusively for the Xbox One later this year.


Gamers who try out the closed and/or open beta of CrossfireX will have access to three game modes: Spectre Mode, Team Match and Point Capture. Spectre mode is centered around stealth, with gamers defending high-value objectives with a standard loadout, using audio cues to eliminate their invisible enemies. Team Match is a variant of the popular Search and Destroy mode where two teams of 8 players will race to eliminate all of their enemies or plant the C4 explosive to achieve victory.Point Capture is your standard team deathmatch mode.

Fans who enjoy Point Capture will be exploring the GR Tower map, while Team Match takes place on the Black Widow map and Spectre Mode is in the Laboratory. The gameplay will be familiar to fans of Counter-Strike and Valorant but the aesthetics are similar to previous Call of Duty titles. The gameplay was originally showed off during X019 and Xbox fans in the western market can finally get their hands on one of Asia’s most popular FPS games this week.

Will you be participating in the CrossfireX open or closed beta on the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Xbox