Developers Confirm Ghost of Tsushima Will Have a Launch Day Patch

Here’s What to Expect

Ghost of Tsushima is only a few weeks away from release. One of the biggest PS4 exclusives of this year, there are many who cant wait to get their hands on a game that will offer a very unique and one of a kind experience if everything is as advertised. It is not every day you are presented with an open-world game that takes place in Medieval Japan. To add even more to the excitement, today the developers have announced that there will be a day one patch when Ghost of Tsushima launches.

ghost of tsushima

Usually, fans are not thrilled when they see patches introduced early on into the lifespan of the game but sometimes it can pay off. The day one patch will be 7.7 GB and mostly focus on small fixes to bugs and other technical shortcomings. Something that shouldn’t be too much of a shock when considering how large the open world is in the first place. The developers have been hyper-cautious about sharing too much information in order to try and avoid spoiling any aspects of the game. The last thing anyone would want is to meet the same fate as the Last of Us 2.

The day one patch might not be the most encouraging sign to some but when compared to other titles, the size of the download is minuscule. When held up against its contemporaries Ghost of Tsushima appears to be doing everything in its power to try and stand out as an honest title without any tricks ups its sleeve.

By now it is no secret that many PlayStation fans have not been content with the Last of Us 2. Perhaps Ghost of Tsushima can deliver and send the PS4 out with the bang that it deserves.

Ghost of Tsushima launches July 17th on the PS4.