Rainbow Six Siege Has Surpassed 60 Million Players

Ubisoft Confirms 60 Million People Play Rainbow Six Siege

During their recent quarterly financial briefing, Ubisoft has confirmed that Rainbox Six Siege has surpassed 60 million players. While the game had just over 55 million players by the end of 2019, it seems like the beginning of 2020 has been kind to Ubisoft with this increase of over five million players. The publisher also confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege is one of eleven games they released this console generation that have sold over 10 million copies so it’s likely that Rainbox Six will be around for years to come. Rainbow Six Siege is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC right now, with Operation Steel Wave having recently kicked off.

Rainbow six siege year 5 pass

Rainbow Six Siege saw over a billion session days over the course of the 2019-20 fiscal year, with record engagement levels from January until March of this year. Alongside the 60 million player milestone, the title has also seen a 26% increase in PRI during the first quarter of this year. While achieving 60 million players doesn’t mean that Ubisoft has sold 60 million copies of Rainbow Six Siege, due to game share and other services, it’s clear that it has achieved a vast community of registered players.

Ubisoft has already announced the successor to Rainbow Six Siege known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, but the title could be one of many next-gen titles impacted by delays. While Siege had a spotty launch, it has bloomed into one of the best tactical FPS experiences that this generation of consoles has to offer. Rainbow Six Siege also ranked the fourth “Most Impactful PC Game” by The Esports Observer for the first quarter of 2020 which will probably help increase the player base even further.

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Source: Gaming Bolt