Rainbow Six Siege Continues to Break Records

No Signs of Slowing Down

Rainbow Six Siege continues to roll through the competition, even four years after its release. Benji-Sales, responsible for analyzing trends within the gaming industry, has recently discovered and announced that Siege has just had it’s most important day ever for concurrent players on Steam.

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In a Tweet posted today, Benji-Sales stated that Siege recently hit 180,000 concurrent players on Steam. Keep in mind; this doesn’t take into account the players using Uplay or consoles. If you were to combine all three of these totals, the number would be much higher.

Steam listed the exact number of players as 180,463, meaning Rainbow Six Siege was sitting only behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (896,092), Dota 2 (647,060), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (584,139), and Grand Theft Auto V (228,023). Siege’s numbers may look minuscule compared to those four but don’t forget that those are the giants of the online gaming world and have been for a long time.

Not only is Ubisoft gearing up for the complete overhaul of one of the more popular characters, Tachanka, by swapping out his turret gun for a grenade launcher, but they’ve also confirmed that they’re working on a new Rainbow Six game, titled ‘Quarantine.’ Ubisoft has been tight-lipped on the status of Quarantine, but the rumor is that not only will it release for the next-gen Playstation and Xbox, but also the current-gen systems.

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Regardless, Rainbow Six Siege and the work Ubisoft has put into it over the last four years has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s a prime example of how to support a game post-launch properly, and I hope more developers take note and similarly approach their next-gen games.

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