Destiny 2 Will Arrive on Next-Gen Consoles

Bungie Has Announced That Destiny 2 Will Be a Next-Gen Title

According to Bungie, Guardians who are already experiencing Destiny 2 on PS4 and Xbox One can look forward to playing the game on next-gen consoles when they release as well. Not too many details were revealed by Bungie but they took to their official Twitter page to make the next-gen announcement. While Destiny 3 hasn’t been announced, it has been leaked and it may be in the early stages of development, so a next-gen port of Destiny 2 sounds like a good buffer for now. Destiny 2 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC now, with Season of the Worthy bringing new content to the game recently.

Destiny 2

Developers at Bungie recently took to their official Twitter page to announce, “Destiny 2 will be on next-gen platforms! More details to come… To quote Lord Shaxx: ‘YAAAASSSSSS!'” While this doesn’t give us many details to work with, it’ll be interesting to see what features may be part of the next-gen ports or maybe new content will eventually only be added to the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles as the cross-gen title gets older. While Destiny 2 looks great on the current-gen tech, we’re looking forward to seeing how Bungie can improve on visuals, load times, frame rates, etc.

While PlayStation fans may need to purchase the next-gen equivalent of Destiny 2, we hope to see the Series X Smart Delivery badge on the Xbox Series X version of the title, giving Destiny 2 fans a day one game when they upgrade consoles. No release date has been announced for the next-gen ports of Destiny 2 but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was around the holiday 2020 release window to match the release of the Xbox Series X and PS5.

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Source: Dualshockers