Torchlight 3 Has Fully Customizable Fortresses

Torchlight 3 Has Fully Customizable Player Housing Called Fortresses

Torchlight 3 developers Echtra Games have shared more news on what fans of the series can expect from the upcoming sequel, with player housing being a key focus. Gamers will be able to fully customize their own fortress to play around in between quests in Torchlight 3. While the fortress is unlocked early in the game, more customization options will be unlocked for it as gamers quest in the colourfully fantastical world. Torchlight 3 is expected to release later in 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a beta coming before the official launch, no dates have been confirmed as of now.

Torchlight 3 fortresses

“Forts are your personal mark on the world of #TorchlightIII. Plant a lush garden, make a monument to your success, or memorials to the thousands of Goblins that stood in your way,” claimed the official Twitter account for Torchlight. While many customization options for Forts can be unlocked through quests, some can be crafted similar to the DIY projects in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Unlike Garrisons in World of Warcraft, Fortresses will be account wide, which means a fort you customize on one character will seamlessly transition to your other characters.

“In Torchlight III, every adventurer earns their own fortress in the frontier, a customizable, personalizable plot of environmental expression. Explore the freedom of creating both form and function as you place decorative set pieces alongside gameplay enhancing buildings. The possibilities are endless!” said developers at Echtra Games. “Forts are instantly ready to customize when unlocked early in Act I of Torchlight III. But first, you’ll have to claim your Fort from a local Goblin tribe. Experience the thrill of your own pest control adventure!” While we haven’t tried the latest installment in the Torchlight franchise, we’re looking forward to seeing just how customizable the fortress is.

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Source: Dualshockers