The Sims 4 to Get Customizable Pronouns

Players Will Be Able to Use Three Defaults and Make a Fourth Custom Pronoun for Game

The Sims 4 have had a lot of released DLCs in the past few years. The latest kit, being the Blooming Room Kit, was a way to bring people’s rooms into a world of greenery. But while the game has never lacked in content, there has been something that players have wanted for their characters: pronouns. Specifically, the ability to assign various pronouns to their character, regardless of their bio gender. And it looks like it’s finally in the works.

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Maxis promised that they would develop the ability to make the game more gender-neutral with its language last year. But it is only during a recent reveal on a Twitch live stream that we were finally able to see the Sims promise in action.

This is something that is still very much in the works. But while this is not the final product, we were at least able to see the basic framework that will be in the Sims game. Specifically, we saw how the framework will be in creating sims. It looks as if there will be a switch from the prior “Hello, my name is…” to the “Hello, my name and pronouns are…” with a drop-down menu and selectable options.

So far, we’ve been able to see that the selectable options go with the male pronoun of he/his, the female pronoun of she/hers, and the neutral pronoun of they/theirs. However, the fourth is customizable, meaning that players will be able to type in their own preferred pronouns and use them within the game.

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Of course, the Sims will also have a profanity filter for the pronouns, which means no one will be able to refer to themselves as…well. Various terms are best not used in polite society. Apparently, this will be similar to what the Sims Gallery, where people publicly share various Sims to download, uses to filter out the risque language.

If you’re hoping to enjoy the pronouns feature though, it may still be a while. According to producer SimGuruDuck, “this is still a work-in-progress and our research and design will continue until we feel the feature is in a good place to be launched into the game.” So it may take a few years until we get the update with this game change included. But at least Maxis is working on it.