The Sims 4: Blooming Rooms Kit Review – Going Green

The Sims 4: Blooming Rooms Kit Review

Sometimes you just need a couple of pieces of greenery to bring that room together. Since the Sims 4 has been out for quite some time now, the items we have available may seem to be a bit exhausted. But now, with Sims 4’s Blooming Rooms kit, we now have many new green items at our disposal.

The Sims 4: Blooming Rooms kit is the 8th kit to be released this year. Kits are small packs containing extra goodies that affect one instance of the Sims, whether in terms of gameplay, CAS or build/buy objects. The Blooming Rooms kit is the perfect addition to The Sims 4. It improves your Sims’ quality of life by livening and freshening their environments. At $4.99 per kit, it’s a decent value for the items you get.

Sims 4: Blooming Rooms Kit

Time To Bring Out That Green Thumb

Out of all the kits that were released, I think this one is my favorite. We’ve got 24 new items to play with. Every item has a decent amount of swatches that will perfectly fit whatever theme you’re going for. It’s the perfect pack for the builders to complete that greenhouse or to add a splash of green to their home.

In the Blooming Rooms kit, we receive not only just plants but also got a decent amount of new furniture and wall items. The glass coffee and side tables have a chic yet modern air to the design, perfect for that open space living room or outside shining brightly on the patio. The new tea shelf has a great, almost rustic charm. If you’ve got space for it, you can add the giant geometric plant shelf that comes in some pretty funky, modern colors.

Not Just Plants

There’s also a light fixture with a hanging plant attached. There’s a beautiful vine curtain that looks fantastic on its own or on top of another curtain to give your room a bit of a fairy-like charm. I did have some issues placing the vine curtain where some items overlapped each other. I didn’t mind as the overall look was always so lovely.

There are fantastic, varying sizes of plants and home decor. Some items are minimal enough for a cozy apartment, others significant enough to take up an entire wall. As usual with Sims 4, every item is cleverly named and has rather interesting and amusing descriptions. I can’t forget to mention the adorable “Suburb Nasturtiums,” aka cute animal vases! With 12 different color combinations, you can adorn your desk or areas that allow for smaller items with either a piggy, dog, or hedgehog.

Sims 4: Blooming Rooms Kit

While I really like this kit, is it one that everyone should have for their game? While having an array of plants and planted furniture is always nice, we usually get new green items with every expansion. The Romantic Garden Stuff pack came with both plants as well as CAS items. The Blooming Rooms kit may not interest some. If someone could only buy one kit, purchasing the Bust the Dust kit would probably be preferable, as it does affect the gameplay. Or pick up the Courtyard Oasis for some exotic furniture.

While not everything could be easily used for some builds, the Blooming Rooms kit is a wonderful addition. The items are well thought out, and we can’t forget just how many fabulous swatches we got with each item. You can’t go wrong with livening up your spaces with some plants, and at $4.99, you may as well take the plunge.

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The Good

  • 24 new plants and plant themed furniture
  • Fantastic colour swatches
  • Varying sizes of plants
  • It only costs $4.99

The Bad

  • Some larger items may not work for all builds
  • Vine curtain can be kind of hard to place